Sitarista, compositor, produtor, esteve nos últimos 15 anos vivendo continuamente fora do Brasil, notadamente em Madrid, Espanha.

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Curriculum Marcus Santurys



Marcus Santurys, sitar player, composer and music producer Hispanic-Brazilian musician and multi-instrumentalist introducer language of the European World Music in Brazil.

In his experience in Spain and Europe for 15 years living in Madrid, attended the founding group Radio Tarifa and the early music group with Eduardo Paniagua Calamus. Worked in concerts and recordings with musicians like Wagner Tiso, Salif Keita and Javier Paxariño and the Group Ojos de Brujo, Barcelona, ​​in partnership with Xavi Turull.

The research Santurys is a fusion between east and west, using the musical traditions of India, Arabia, Persia and Turkey Ancient Mediterranean mixing with his experience and his Brazilian essence, creating new paths and sonic textures.

In India Santurys Marcus studied with the great master Ravi Shankar, (father of singer Norah Jones), who presented him its "Sitar" Indian in him and developed a technique itself, modifying the instrument is diatonic, chromatic making it. Ravi Shankar is the great Indian musician who worked with George Harrison's musical group "The Beatles."

Santurys in Brazil is the introducer of the Psalter Persian (VII century BC), the earliest predecessor of the Western piano.

In 2000 did the soundtrack and the main theme Part "The Lusiads", an overproduction of Ruth Escobar on text Luiz de Camoes commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the Discovery of Brazil, at the newly opened Sala São Paulo.

Santurys language merges new age and eastern music with modern electronic grooves, creating a lounge music or Etnic Global Electronic Music.


He participated in the soap opera "The Clone" Globo with the theme song of actress Leticia Sabatella.
In 2000 did the soundtrack and the main theme Part "The Lusiads", a super-production on Ruth Escobar text of Luiz de Camoes celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Discovery of Brazil at newly opened Sala São Paulo.

In 2004 participated in the Big Brother Brazil - 4 in "Oriental Night" with songs from her cd "Ancestral Trance" with electronic databases.
In 2008, music producer Marcus Viana signing soundtracks of Globo telenovelas works exclusively oúltimo cd "Magical and Mystical" Santurys of distributing label for their dreams and Sons.

Also in 2008, produced the soundtrack for the documentary "One Hundred Years of Immigration Japan-Brazil" DVD and the Indian "Bollywood Body" (the people want Embodied Bollywood cinema), on modern Indian cinema, composing songs since the Indian tradition merged with electronics and pop.
In 2010 participated in the musical program on Globo in the novel "Way of the Indies."
Did the jingle worldwide release for camera Sony Cyber ​​Shop and commercials Natura Alianz Insurer of Indian music with instrumental and electronic databases.
Received Award from the Consulate General of India, in the person of Mr. Viswanathan, for his participation in official events connected to the Embassy and the



Consulate General in a ceremony of tribute and in recognition of his talent and contribution in promoting Indian culture through classical instruments he used - Sitar, Tabla and Psalter - in Europe and Brazil.



Marcus Santurys

11 97589 4066 / 3729 3466 / 98172 6701


http://youtu.be/lhLMsVwUcCI - "Minas" canção de Marcus Santurys

http://youtu.be/DvxxAZbx5vs - KALIKA canção de Marcus Santurys
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zh_7tJozvKQ - Nova Luz TV SESC instrumental
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOuw9_Ki6fU - Mediterraneo Santurys e grupo

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iukbfII7etw - Programa OLGA BONGIOVANNI
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjgfQDRiQwc - Monja Coen e Santurys

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